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Guangdong Governor & CEOs of Leading Foreign Invested Pharmaceutical Companies Roundtable was Held in Guangzhou

2017-09-04 15:43:00

  On the afternoon of August 22nd, Mr. Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong Province, chaired Guangdong Governor & CEOs of Leading Foreign Invested Pharmaceutical Companies Roundtable. At the meeting, Mr. Ma was briefed about the development plans, as well as opinions and suggestions of foreign invested pharmaceutical enterprises in Guangdong, so as to promote the development of foreign-invested pharmaceutical projects in Guangdong and facilitate innovative development of pharmaceutical industry in Guangdong. The Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province took a lead in organizing this Roundtable and invited RDPAC, and senior executives of more than 20 foreign invested pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, Novartis, GE Healthcare, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, etc. to participate in the event. Mr. Zheng Jianrong, Director-General of Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, together with heads of provincial departments concerned attended the meeting.  

  At the meeting, Mike Dethick, CEO of RDPAC, and other representatives of foreign invested pharmaceutical companies introduced their development situation in China, especially in Guangdong. Mr. Ma listened to the detailed opinions and suggestions of all representatives and conducted in-depth communication on the issues of common interest, such as pharmaceutical R&D innovation, pharmaceutical market access, medical reform, medical insurance policies, etc. Mr. Ma said that Guangdong would take all the suggestions into consideration, stick to problem orientation, constantly improve the industrial development environment, and provide more favorable conditions for enterprises to invest in Guangdong.  

  Mr. Ma pointed out that Guangdong is the largest province of economy and population in China that embraces well-developed pharmaceutical industry, so it has huge market demand. To Invest in Guangdong is conducive to achieving the objective of lowest cost and best quality for enterprises. Guangdong Province worked out a series of policies and measures to reduce manufacturing costs and support the development of the real economy, which will bring new opportunities for foreign invested pharmaceutical companies to invest in Guangdong. He emphasized that, Guangdong would establish a regular communication and meeting mechanism with leading foreign pharmaceutical companies, so as to timely research and resolve the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of investing in Guangdong, promptly study and formulate targeted supportive policies, and deepen reform of the medical and health care system. He hoped leading foreign pharmaceutical companies could be actively involved in the development of pharmaceutical industry and reform of medical health system,  increase investment, expand production and set up R&D centers in Guangdong, promote R&D and application of new drugs, to advance precision medicine, so as to give people greater sense of gain on medical service, and to make Guangdong a leading province in China in promoting the innovative development of pharmaceutical industry.